Frequently asked questions.
  Over the years we've been asked lots of questions about "How do we set up?" and "How many people can we feed?" and "Where can we do this?".  Well listen up here and we'll try to answer your questions as best we know how.  

1. How many people can you feed?(see what I mean?)
      We have done groups of anywere from 10 to about 140
    people. When we get above 45 people or so, we need 
    to add hired help.  More help adds to the cost.

2. What beverages do you provide?
      Cowboy coffee (thick enough to chew!) is provided
    with most meals.

3. How do you cook the meal?
       Everything is cooked in Dutch ovens or big pots over
    mesquite coals.  We typically need to be in an area where
    we are allowed to make a fire.  We can set up for
    residential properties but we need to know ahead.

4. What are the menu items?
      Well they vary from set up to set up.  It can be anything 
    from pulled pork bbq to cowboy stew.  Any cowboy meal
    just has to have cowboy beans and biscuits.  Dutch oven
    peach cobbler and coffee fill in any left over spaces.

5. What is the cost per person?
      The cost per person depends on how many people,
    what type of menu you want. Give us a call and we
    can talk over menus, numbers and prices.

6. Where do you set up?
       Sometimes at the host home providing there is enough
    space to set up the wagon and build a fire.  Other places
    can be arranged but we need plenty of notice.

7. How much is the entertainment and what kind
    of music do you play? 
       A four man band $125.00 per man for 2 - 45 min
   sets but, can be arranged differently if needed. The​ 
   music is late 1800's jug band, and Cowboy music.

9.  Is your service available year round?
         Typically we run the chuck wagon from
      September thru May. The summer months
      tend to be too hot for cooking over a FIRE!
      No Holidays. ( We have families too)
10.  Do you serve beer?
         No we do not as we do not have a
       liquor license, but we are not opposed to
       BYOB if permitted and the parties are
       responsible type folks.
       This is the real deal folks, with cowboy
    cookin' done over a mesquite coal fire
    in cast iron Dutch ovens.  Food just seems
    to taste better that way.  We encourage
    folks to dress western as it adds to the
    ambiance and fun.